GVP Organizers Made a Difference in 2014

Local Effort, National Impact

With gridlock dominating Washington, true progressive reform depends on the states. The Grassroots Victory Program deploys trained field organizers to help win key legislative races that are often decided by just a handful of votes.

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What is the GVP?

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The Grassroots Victory Program (GVP) was created by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) in 2012 to further our mission of winning state legislative seats and chambers for Democrats by building and maintaining state-of-the-art campaign committees.

The GVP works with committees to implement field strategies that are centrally-organized, volunteer-based and data-driven. The program focuses its resources on key battleground states, as well as on states the DLCC considers to be emerging battlegrounds where organizers can make a major impact.

In the Spotlight


Between a competitive U.S. Senate and Governor's race, a strong Democratic showing in the state in 2014 is very likely...

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Democrats are in a position to close the gap in both chambers, and possibly retake control of the House. If successful, it will be possible to reinstate collective bargaining rights in 2015, or further down the road depending on the outcome of the Governor’s race. Strong gains will also stop the flow of new Republican attacks on working families, women's health care, and seniors and retirees.


Republican Governor and Tea Party ally Tom Corbett is one of the least popular sitting governors in the country...

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It is likely that the state House and Senate races will be a referendum on Corbett's right-wing legislative agenda, but Democrats must run strong campaigns in order to take advantage of this environment. The stake's couldn't be higher: right-wing antagonists like Grover Norquist have declared Pennsylvania their next target for Scott Walker-style attacks on collective bargaining, but 2014 is an unprecedented opportunity for Democrats to stop them by narrowing the gap in the House and taking control of the Senate.


Thanks in part to the Grassroots Victory Program, Iowa Democrats maintained control of the Senate by a razor thin margin in 2012...

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This year, the Iowa senate will be up again and the two-seat majority is in jeopardy. Democrats are in a position to hold the Senate and possibly retake the House for the first time since 2010. Victory in either chamber would allow Democrats to protect collective bargaining rights, stymie right-wing social legislation on equality and women's health care, and continue the strong progressive leadership shown by Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and House Democratic Leader Mark Smith.


Case Studies

Iowa State Senate

In IA Senate District 26, Democrat Mary Jo Wilhelm was paired with incumbent Republican Senator Merlin Bartz through redistricting.

Senator Wilhelm won by a margin of 126 votes out of 30,394 cast. The GVP organizer on the ground spearheaded all voter contact efforts, including an innovative GOTV operation, in a mostly rural northern Iowa district.

Nevada State Senate

In NV Senate District 9, the seat that determined control of the Nevada State Senate, Democratic candidate Justin Jones won by 301 votes out of more than 43,000 cast.

His campaign had a Grassroots Victory Program staffer on the ground from July through Election Day. Through his work in the field, this staffer was directly responsible for over 100,000 voter contact attempts.

Oregon State House

Democrats regained control of the Oregon State House in 2012 on the back of an incredibly strong field program.

In House District 30, Democrat Joe Gallegos won by more than 1,000 votes. His campaign manager and field director were both a part of the DLCC's Grassroots Victory Program.

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